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The Church

Brief History of Mary Evergreen Baptist Church

Mary Evergreen was organized in 1867 by the late Reverend J. J. Jackson, Pastor and E. Boone.  The first deacons were Dan Green and S. Humphrey, and C. Edwards. Under Rev. Sam Still’s pastoral leadership several organizations and programs were added:  Communion every first Sunday, Vacation Bible School, and Midweek bible Class.  In 1968 the Memorial Society was established for the upkeep of the cemetery.  In October 1994, the church building burned and all records, papers and material items were lost.  The church had to be incorporated before a new building could be erected.  Nine (9) Pastors had served the congregation prior to the calling of Pastor Edward Hatcherson, Jr., in June of 1986.   Under Pastor Hatcherson’s leadership the church has grown as a result of discipleship, evangelism, worship, Sunday school and a battle cry, “Here to Glorify God.” A period of praise was added, a vision and mission statement.  Everygreen Baptist Church has served Grand Cane/Mansfield, Louisiana and the surrounding areas for the past 144 years.


Oral History of

Mount Olive Baptist Church


Mount Olive Baptist Church was organized by a few of God’s chosen handmade servants in 1868, for worship, religious education, fellowship, mission, evangelism and to glorify God.  The church is approximately 143 years old in ministering and serving the needs of the local community and the surrounding areas.  The original church building site was located about three (3) miles further down on Oxford Road from the present location.   A tornado destroyed the church building in the early 1950’s.  Jack Guy, a plantation owner who owned a vast amount of land donated two acres of land for Mount Olive Baptist Church to relocate and be built at the current site, 3272 Highway 513, Mansfield, LA 71052.

Brief History of New Bethlehem Baptist Church

The church was organized as a result of a few believers coming together in the community and holding prayer meeting.  They were not connected to any other church in the surrounding community.  They formed a prayer union on the property owned by Mrs. Williams.   Their singing, praying, and praising the Lord became disturbing to Mrs. Williams until she offered them a place to hold their meeting further away from her home, where she would not be disturbed.  She donated four (4) acres of land to them on the northwest corner of her property to build a church building.  In 1872 the church was organized. With a congregation of 28 members they built a log building for worship and called Reverend Carolina Fuller to be their Pastor.  In later years the church built a frame structure building, and kept the old log building for a school building.  As of 1995, nine (9) Pastors were called and have served the congregation faithfully.  New Bethlehem Baptist has served the Gloster, Louisiana area for the past 139 years.  The church heritage history has stood the test of time and is still saving souls.

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